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National Best Financial Network is a network of independent advisors and agencies Canada that use their areas of specialty and expertise to serve the diverse needs of our clients. As a national broker, we have advisors in offices across Canada. We offer products from a wide range of companies using concepts and strategies with proven results. National Best mPowers™ clients to take control of their financial futures by providing solutions to the four major areas of financial life.


At National Best, we use our innovative industry-leading nbNavigator program to create your own personal guide to financial success.

Please contact a National Best Advisor near you to walk you through this guide as well as provide you an opportunity to experience the full nbNavigator Program or explain any of our nbSolutions in more depth at no charge, with no obligation.

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nbDebt & Cashflow

Are you tired of the restrictions that come with excessive debt loads?
Do you feel like you are making a great income but you don’t know where it all goes?

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Do you want more life from the money that you already have?
When it comes to debt and, in particular, the choice of mortgages, Canadians need to really examine all of their choices carefully.


Important Questions:
• What would happen to your financial plan if something unexpected happened?
• How would you fulfill your financial plan if your partner were to pass away prematurely?
• Life insurance products are more about being able to continue your lifestyle when the unexpected happens. Find the right insurance solution for your situation.

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Retire Financially Successful and Be Able to Live Your Dreams.

Important Questions:
• How much have you managed to save in the last 5 years?
• How would you feel if you saved that same amount over the next 5 years?
• Would you achieve your goals?
Access innovative concepts and strategies through an extensive network of specialists to find the best solution for your individual circumstances.

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nbEstate Planning

Who are the most important people in your life?Be fully prepared for ANY eventuality so those people that are most important to you may be able to receive the proceeds of your estate. Life Insurance products offer a unique opportunity to have benefits paid directly to your beneficiaries immediately and the opportunity to leave a great legacy! Please contact a National Best Advisor near you to find out more about the company or any of our nbSolutions in more depth at no charge, with no obligation.

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