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Innovative Strategies

Innovative Strategies

Private Health Spending Plans are an excellent resource for both sole proprietors, small corporations where the primary shareholders are the only employees, or for larger corporations with many employees that wish to control their group benefits costs.


Often employees will have WCB coverage and they feel that that is sufficient. However, WCB only covers employees while they are working. What happens if they are injured outside of work hours? There is are special policies that are designed to cover that risk. So even if the employee is on WCB coverage it might be wise to get coverage that takes care of them 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


but there are also providers of non-medically underwritten disability insurance. These are valuable products since they don’t require any waiting or medical tests. The policyholder will have coverage from the moment the application is submitted with payment. These policies are usually not as lucrative as a fully underwritten policy but can still provide excellent protection. They are often a good option for tradespeople, truck drivers or even professionals who are just starting out and have not built a significant income.

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