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Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life is like owning your own home and getting a General Contractor to build it for you. In the case of your home, as you make deposits and pay down your mortgage you have an asset.

Notice that the actual COI (the arced line) is the same as it was on the Term Insurance. With Whole Life, you pay more than if you were just renting insurance, but you end up owning a policy with cash value that you can record on your asset sheet.

Because it is an asset, you can use this for loan purposes, and it is like a forced savings plan.

There are a lot of good options here, and it can address many your needs from the 5 Finger Rule.

It is a great place to:

  1. save money
  2. provide protection for your financial plan
  3. build a valuable asset without market volatility
  4. tax defer corporate retained earnings
  5. create a tax-free retirement income
  6. provide tax-free estate transfer to your beneficiaries.

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