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Are you protected for medical expense when you travel outside of your Province?

Travel Insurance provides health and dental coverage when traveling outside of your province or outside of Canada. In Canada, we have universal health care allowing us to walk into a hospital in our province worry free and focus purely on the best healthcare treatment available. Traveling abroad, especially in the United States, we do not have the same luxury and the cost of healthcare becomes what matters most. In 2012, the average cost per medical stay in the US is $8500. If the hospital stay is for surgical reasons, the cost per stay grows to $21,200* For pennies a day, you can get a family travel insurance plan to restore the peace of mind when it comes to healthcare weather here at home or traveling abroad.


Affordable Single Trip/Multi-Trip Plans

Super Visa Insurance is a special type of insurance specifically for those applying for a Super Visa for entry into Canada. Since December 1, 2011, parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents have the option to apply for a Super Visa and enjoy visiting the family in Canada for up to two years per visit without the need to renew a visa for up to 10 years. There are several requirements for the Super Visa program, including the need to prove that valid Canadian medical insurance coverage has been purchased for at least one year (super visa medical insurance) for each applicant.

Please keep in mind the following requirements when applying for Super Visa Insurance:

  • Coverage must be in place for at least a minimum of $100,000.
  • The policy must have a minimum duration of one year.
    • Plans are available to cover pre-existing conditions as well as plans that do not cover pre-existing conditions.
  • When applying as a couple, there can be discounts used to save on the total premiums. Discounts vary per carrier but are generally in the range of 5 – 20%.
  • Proof of insurance must be provided to the government of Canada with your application for the visa for entry to Canada under the super visa program

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