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Small Business Solutions

Business owners face unique challenges every day. These challenges evolve as your business grows and establishes itself.
Our small-business solutions can help you pull it all together. We assist business owners with everything from managing business costs, to attracting the best employees, and growing personal wealth. At National Best, because we are a true broker we can shop the market for the best group benefits solution for your business.
We can search out group benefits programs for your small business that:
• are affordable
• are easy to purchase
• can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs, and
• will form an important part of your long-term business plan and your long-term business success.
Advantages of a benefits program:
• a competitive edge in the job market
• a cost-effective method to protect employees and their families
• a tax effective form of compensation

Medium to Large Business Solutions

We’re on the map for Canadian business – from mid-sized to corporate. Our extensive service network stretches across the country so that we are where you are and can respond quickly to your needs. Our top-tier service providers allow us access to a broad and customizable product suite that is comprehensive and flexible so it will meet your requirements now and in the future. Our solutions are developed with best-of-class partners who are specialists in their field, our hands-on approach to disability management moves people back into top productivity and our reporting tools sift through disability claims experience to highlight trends.
Your investment is protected by our practical approach to health management. Our focus on prevention and intervention is designed to help you see healthier, more engaged and productive employees. And by matching benefits and support for health, absence and workplace injury with intensive claims management, your plan will be sustainable.
Talk to our group benefits professionals. We can help.

Unions and Trusts

Many of our top-tier clients include multi-employer trade unions as well as teachers and public sector trust funds. We’ll match your needs with quality products, consistent and conscientious service, and flexible underwriting.
You and your members will have the advantage of working with our team of in-house experts. Their ongoing training in subjects like hour banks, collective bargaining, reciprocal agreements, and legislative changes give them the keys to understanding your business better.

Committed to you

We’re sensitive to the influence of union and management negotiations on benefit plans. Our best in class service providers will do all they can to support the negotiation process, including accommodating those negotiations through our rating actions and the timing of rate adjustments. We’ll also work closely with third-party administrators on day-to-day service issues such as claims eligibility and premium administration.

The Advantage of Third-Party Administrators

At National Best we make extensive use of third-party administrators for group benefit plans. Third-party administrators act like brokers in the world of group benefits. They will assess the information that we gather in our discovery meetings to search out the best group benefits plan in the marketplace today. In addition, they will assist with ongoing claims and provide personalized support to your employees when it comes to understanding the group benefits and making claims.

No-Cost Retirement Plans

If you have ever thought about setting up a retirement plan for your employees but were deterred by the idea of having to revenue match, then fear no more. Many of our product providers have specialized plans for small business with 10 or more employees. These plans provide significant advantages to the employees including wide variety of investments with different risk and return profiles and reduced fees. Other than some small administrative costs to your company these specialized plans can be very beneficial to your employees at no cost to your business.

Private Health Spending Plans

Private Health Spending Plans have been in existence since 1985. The tax act has allowed for the trust administrators to provide 100% tax deductible receipts for medical expenses to corporations who set up Private Health Spending Plans. The plans can be set up as standalone or as an addition to a group benefits plan. The great advantage of a PHSP for the business or company is that the cost of the plan is capped at a maximum. From year-to-year the Corporation will know exactly the maximum amount of benefit that will be provided to its employees. This is not the case with group benefits plans. The cost of most group benefit plans are renegotiated annually and will generally increase as the employees make use of the plan. This gives the PHSP a distinct advantage, from a cost management perspective. Also, another advantage is that PHS keys cover a much wider range of medical costs.
How does a PHSP work? Example of a $3,000 medical expense.
Step1 – the employee pays for the health and dental expense personally. This payment is made from a personal account. Let’s say the employee’s personal credit card ($3,000). They complete a claim form.
Step 2 – The Corporation sends the PHSP administrator the claim form and funding plus the 10% administration fee. This payment is from a Corporate account. Let’s say an online deposit from your business bank account to the PHSP administrator.
Step 3 – PHSP Administrator reimburses the employee for their original personal expense. Let’s say through direct deposit to their personal bank account. The $3,000 reimbursement is tax-free. The $3,300 payment from the corporation is 100% pre-tax deductible.
Private Health Spending Plans are an excellent resource for both sole proprietors, small corporations where the primary shareholders are the only employees, or for larger corporations with many employees that wish to control their group benefits costs.

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