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National Best is committed to ensuring that the sales process is of the highest integrity and focused on clients’ needs. These measures have been put in place to ensure that clients are completely satisfied with the product they purchase.

Our advisors commit to the following:

1. Compliance with the Code, Laws, Rules, Regulations and Company Policies & Procedures: Maintaining compliance with all federal and provincial laws and regulations and following internal standards governing the sales process.
2. Avoiding Conflict of Interest: Conducting their business affair in a manner that ensures that their private or personal interests do not conflict with the interests of clients, including conflicts that result in personal, financial or other gain.
3. Acting Competently, Professionally and with Integrity: Dealing fairly with their clients and National Best. Providing services, advice or information only where they are licensed and competent to do so.
4. Needs selling and continuous service: Identifying the needs of the client before offering advice and providing continuous attention to these needs.
5. Disclosure: Providing full and accurate disclosure of all facts required to allow the client to make an informed decision.
6. Priority of client’s interests: Giving priority at all times to the interests of the client when providing advice or when deferring to the advice of others who are licensed and specialized in that area of client need.
7. Confidentiality Holding the personal and business information of clients in the strictest of confidence, and complying with personal privacy acts and regulation.
8. Documentation Providing clients with written or electronic copies of any advice given and retaining sufficient information in a client file to demonstrate the appropriateness of a sale.

Advisors representing National Best or its affiliates must adhere to the Code of Ethics.

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