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    • How can a family maintain their standard of living when their primary income earner passes away prematurely?
    • How can I make sure my children complete their education if I die accidentally?
    • How will my spouse pay off our mortgage and other debts if I am no longer here to contribute?
    • What effect will my partner’s death have on my business?
    • Who is going to pay my final expenses and my estate taxes?

    The simple answer to all these questions is Life Insurance. When developing a financial plan, it is the one key component that often gets overlooked by investment advisors, bankers and accountants. Yet life insurance is the foundation for all financial plans from a risk-management standpoint. Whether you are a family protecting your loved ones or a business ensuring your company can continue after a catastrophic loss, life insurance is the answer.

    There are many calculators available to estimate the amount of life insurance the family or business might need. They can be found on any of Canada’s major life insurance companies. Example

    As much as calculators are wonderful and can give you a very specific answer, we teach our clients a much simpler way to add up the amount of insurance that make sense for them. We call it the five finger rule.

    Use the five-finger rule to quickly calculate the amount of insurance that you need.

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