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Randy McCord B.A.

Executive & Business Director, National Best Financial Network

Randy is is a founder of National Best Financial Network, an Independent Broker and one of the most innovative and progressive Life Insurance brokerages in Canada. “ I love being an independent advisor with no requirements to sell proprietary product or cookie cutter solutions.”

He is also Exempt Market Licensed and is a Private Equity Specialist through Pinnacle Wealth Brokers.

Randy is a big believer independent advice for clients. “We want to impart knowledge to our clients, so they fully understand their options. This allows them to make informed decisions regarding their financial life. It is not about selling products. It is about explaining concepts and strategies so that clients can choose the best fit for their situation.”

Randy and his National Best Team are specialists at protection and investment strategies for Canadians. Randy’s personal focus is on business owners, whether they are sole proprietors or incorporated businesses. His team of dedicated professionals can provide:

  • Tax-Free Retirement Income
  • Key Person Insurance – Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Employee Retention – Sustainable Group Health Benefit Plans
  • Guaranteed Retirement Income Plans
  • Tax Effective Succession & Estate Transfer

Randy is a big believer in education. He has facilitated over 500 educational workshops for Canadians in the last 20 years. He also teaches a course “Investing in Real Estate” for the Adult Education division of the Calgary Board of Education. He has also taught courses at Mount Royal and the University of Calgary.

He has been an investor himself for over 35 years and has been licensed in Financial Services for Since 2007. Randy is an alumnus of the University of Calgary.

Randy trains National Best representatives in the art of networking and referral business, in addition to facilitating a monthly public seminar on this topic. He has won the BNI Notable Networker of the Year for two years running and is the past President of his BNI chapter.

He loves to sing and play the guitar so if you want to jam with him (or get help with your finances) contact him at

“I met Randy at a business event and he raised the subject of Critical Illness insurance which I had been considering for some time. He reminded me that my Professional Corporation could purchase the plan on my behalf but he went on to explain that there could be a return of all the premiums should I never fall ill. This made the strategy very tax efficient. Randy followed up diligently for a number of months while we tried to schedule a meeting. When we finally met, Randy was fully prepared with a number of recommendations and it was easy to make a decision given his experience and research. I fully recommend Randy, with National Best Financial, when it comes to life insurance strategies for business owners.”

Corrine Fiesel

Realty One Legal Services – Lawyers Who Make House Calls

“When Prestige shareholders had questions about Key Person insurance and Buy/Sell agreement funding, Randy was a valuable resource to make sure we understood the strategies and put the right plan in place. He was patient and never pushed us or rushed us to a decision. His follow up was excellent. We value his ongoing service and advice. Highly recommended”

Kyle Brost

Prestige Pop-Up Sprinklers

Next Step...

“I have known Randy McCord for several years as a very knowledgeable and experienced provider of life insurance products for small and medium-sized businesses.  After I referred him to a senior tax lawyer here in Calgary, I have heard nothing but praise for Randy’s expertise in tax planning strategies using life insurance products.

So I naturally considered Randy and the National Best Financial Network when it came time to choose a Group Benefits Plan for the employees of my growing law firm.  I asked my Executive Assistant to research the available options, including National Best.  Randy worked closely with her to provide us with a choice of plans that could work for us.  She in turn carefully compared what National Best could provide with the plans offered by other providers.

Randy was able to provide a choice of plans that could work for us and we were pleased to discover that the National Best programs were very competitive with those provided by an industry association.  Randy answered our many questions and provided us with all the information we needed to feel comfortable with the option we chose.

The icing on the cake came during our recent efforts to add a senior legal assistant/paralegal to our staff.  We were told that our employee benefits plan was very generous and it definitely helped us to recruit a very talented individual.   

Good job, Randy!”

Charles Fair

Fair Legal

The Group Benefit Disruptor

As a business owner, you’ve likely heard and been presented with many plans to bring to your employees in the form of Company Group Benefits. What would you think if there were something different that would actually pay you to be a part of the plan? All this while not only providing the benefits you need but saving you money.

Our clients have discovered how this is definitely a conversation worth having.

Now What?

A simple, no-obligation meeting to discuss how we can best help you save and be secure.

Taking Care of Your Business

Corporate Risk Management

 Your business needs to run smoothly. Insurance and investments should simply work for you so that you can focus on operations. We have solutions.


  • Corporate Disability
  • Business Overhead
  • Critical Illness
  • Shared Ownership CI Strategy
  • Life Insurance – Key Person
  • Corporate UL Strategy
  • Succession Planning
  • Corporate Estate Transfers
  • Buy/Sell Agreement Funding
  • Credit Proof Your Business

Where ever you may be in your business cycle, Randy  McCord with National Best is ready to offer assistance in providing solutions to meet your needs. In his many years of service, he is proud to have been there to assist numbers clients in peace-of-mind action plans that enable them to sleep well knowing they are in good hands.

• Have You Thought About.... |

  1. What happens to my business if my top salesperson becomes injured or disabled?
  2. What happens to my company if my business partner dies?
  3. What happens to my business if I have a heart attack or get cancer?
  4. How can I attract & retain employees with a benefits plan that I can afford?
  5. How can I pass my business onto my children without burdening them with debt or tax?
  6. How can I creditor proof my business?
  7. How can I access my corporate earnings in the most tax effective manner?
  8. Who can help me understand and mitigate these risks?

National Best Financial Network can provide you with the answers to these questions. Randy McCord and his team of advisers, top-tier providers, industry experts, and professional partners have the answers to these important questions.

Our team will provide a complimentary, no obligation discovery consultation to assess your company’s current risk factors. We will then provide focused solutions using best in class strategies with top-tier service providers in our industry. Our trusted professional partners in our sister industries (accounting, legal, lending and coaching) will fill in all the pieces to the puzzle. Your company’s risk factors will be identified, quantified and addressed with a clear plan of action.

Real risks dealt with by realistic plans.

“When it came time to review my personal insurance needs, Randy was very helpful going over my existing policies, explaining how they worked and making sure I kept the ones I should and canceled the rest. He was able to drastically increase my coverage, at very little additional cost. Randy took the time to review my business circumstances to ensure that we were aware of all our options between corporate and personally owned policies. Randy is a broker, and we felt confident that he gave us the best products and strategies available for our current and future needs. If you want an honest review, I recommend Randy with National Best Financial Network. ”
Tracy Grills

President - Eco Lighting Solutions

Tax Free Retirement

Randy specializes in helping 35-50 year old incorporated business professionals with 15 – 250 employees and revenue of $5,000,000.00+. We provide strategies focused on group benefits, corporate tax deferral, protecting and growing retirement income, estate planning—coupled with a creditor-proof structure specific to this demographic. Protect Your Wealth!

Randy and his team can assist with:
1. Tax Free Retirement Planning
2. Creditor-Proof Corporate Structure
3. Tax Deferred Growth of Corp Earnings
4. Key Person Protection/Buy Sell Agreements
5. Group Health Benefits/Group Retirement Plans
6. Individual Pension Plans

Our team assists business owners in Calgary, along with our trusted partners across Canada. Contact me anytime – we are happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation.


When all is said and done in our business lives, we are left with our own life enjoyment and families. The final mind easing piece of our financial puzzle once our business is set is to ensure that our personal side is equally balanced.

Proper insurance, investments and taking care of the future… yes we do and yes we can.

Here's How to Start

Let’s be honest. The internet is full of ideas, strategies, and concepts that may or may not be the best for your company, your family and your future. Even our website has great direction that may help you… but where is best to start? It begins with a free consultation and can then develop into a plan that best suits your goals and dreams.
Contact Randy or Request Information

Phone: +1 (800) 503 – 6140 Ext: 105
Fax: +1 (877) 904-7715
Cell: +1 (403) 470-5254

Contact Randy or Request Information

Phone: +1 (800) 503 – 6140 Ext: 105
Fax: +1 (877) 904-7715
Cell: +1 (403) 470-5254

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